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Proudly serving Timmins and surrounding areas for many years, Earlton Construction provides forming solutions for residential, commercial and industrial builds.

Insulated Concrete Forms

We saw the need to provide ICF products and training in Northern Ontario, to educate builders and home owners, about the benefits of using insulated concrete forms.

Residential, Commercial & Industrial Solutions

Our knowledge and experience enables us to work with you to meet your specific needs and build specifications.

Realize the Full Potential of Insulated Concrete Forms

Construction Services

We provide forming solutions for residential, commercial and industrial construction projects. Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) are affordable, highly efficient to build and environmentally friendly.

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Training & Tradeshows

Earlton Construction hosts ICF training in Earlton, Ontario and Home and Trade Shows in the surrounding areas. The hope is to educate contractors to build with ICF, and home owners to want to have their homes built with a high energy efficient and environmentally friendly home.

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Request A Quote

Call or send us a message to get a quote for a residential, commercial or industrial construction projects. ICF solutions are affordable, highly efficient and environmentally friendly.

About Us

Earlton Construction Solutions Inc. (ECS) was incorporated in 2009 to fill a void in concrete form rentals in Northern Ontario. We provide insulated concrete form products and training, and construction services for residential, commercial and industrial projects.

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Our Suppliers

Construction Services

Professional and affordable forming solutions for residential, commercial and industrial construction projects. We use affordable, high quality ICF products to efficiently build a concrete structure.

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Earlton Constructions Solutions Inc

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